Amazon Realme 1 Level Quiz 24th May 2018 | Answer and Win Realme 1

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Amazon Realme 1 Level Quiz 24th May 2018 | Answer and Win Realme 1

Hello guys, Amazon Quiz Now becomes one of the popular quiz contests. On Daily Basis start a Quiz Contest in which you have to answer all questions correctly & if you answered all answers right then you can win a gift from Amazon.

Amazon Today’s quiz is Amazon Realme 1 Level Quiz in which you have to answer 5 Questions and you can win Realme 1 . If you Answered all the question right then you will participate in the list of a few lucky winners & get a chance to win amazing gifts. So today you have a chance to answer & win Realme 1

Amazon Realme 1 Level Quiz

How to play Amazon  Realme 1 Level Quiz

1. Sign in to the Amazon app. In case you are not signed in, you will be directed to a sign in page

2. In Amazon Realme 1 Maze Quiz, There will be a total of 9 questions

3. Answer all the questions correctly to enter the lucky draw

Answers of Amazon  Realme 1 Level Quiz

Level 1 Real Power Answers

Q.1 What is the maximum RAM + Memory combination that the RealMe 1 is available in?

Ans-6GB + 128GB

Q 2.How many drop tests has the RealMe 1 gone through?


Q 3.According to Greek mythology, which of these is considered to be the god of strength and power?


Level 2 Real Style Answers

Q 1.A diamond, in its purest form, is made up of ______. Fill in the blank.


Q 2.Which of these is NOT a style of photography?

Ans-Butterfly Stroke

Q.3 Which of these is NOT a feature of the RealMe 1’s camera?

Ans-Time Travel

Level 3 Real Intelligence Answers

Q.1 RealMe 1 has an AI processor. What does ‘AI’ stand for in this context?

Ans-Artificial Intelligence

Q.2Sophia is an AI robot, and the first one to get citizenship from any country. Which country granted her its citizenship?

Ans- Saudi Arabia

Q.3 AI Recognition in the RealMe 1 supports facial unlock in less than 0.1 second


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